Headlight Visors

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What is a Headlight Visor

A headlight visor is primarily a decorative piece that surrounds your headlight to provide a custom look.  Motorcycle can come built with visors, but you can always add them aftermarket.

How to install a motorcycle Headlight Visor

Replacing motorcycle headlight visor is easier than you think.  You don't need to be a mechanic for this job, just helps to have a second person around to make life easier.

  1. Remove the light assembly from the housing.  There are usually a couple bolts on the side.  For headlights, pull the three-pin connector off the light.
  2. Remove the light from the outer chrome ring.  There may be a few clips or screws holding the light to the ring.
  3. Center the visor in the ring
  4. Insert the light assembly into it
  5. Hold everything together, then have the second person hold the assembly facing down on a table or working surface
  6. Re-install the retaining clip, this is what holds the visor
  7. The visor should seat against the headlamp glass and be held in place with the headlamp ring.  Don't attempt to fit it to the outer chrome housing ring, it will not fit.
  8. When you're finished, the headlight visor may have some slight movement or play depending on the type of bike and headlight.

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