Front, 130/70ZR18M/C, 63W, Bridgestone Exedra Max Radial Tire, 4727

Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tire for the American cruiser model. Optimum compound and pattern design for cruisers. Excellent dry and wet grip performances, as well as long wear life. Recommended for riders who want to enjoy long and comfortable highway touring.
Manufacturer part number: 4727
Old price: $261.49
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Bridgestone Tires - Exedra Max

The Bridgestone Exedra Max tire is for riders who want to pound out the miles and value durability.  The Exedra Max tire's specially formulated rubber compound was designed with long mileage in mind.  When you're going long distances, you want a ride that's predictable and comfortable.  Exedra Max's unique tire profile shape is great for touring and is designed to reduce fatigue.  Of course, a touring tire needs to be able to perform in the wet, and the Exedra Max's rubber compounds were designed for excellent performance in both wet and dry conditions.


  • Both bias-ply and radial applications.  Radials will have an "R" in the size designation.
  • Specific rubber compound for cruisers designed for long mileage.
  • Unique wide shape of tire profile supports touring-type riding while reducing fatigue.
  • Belt package construction provides linear handling, even for heavy bikes and 2-up riding.
  • Rubber compounds designed for wet and dry performance and patters designed for enhanced water evacuation.


Tire SizeLoad SpeedTire Construction & PatternOverall DiameterTread WidthOTD (32nds)(Measuring Rim) Approved RimMax P.S.I.Bridgestone Part#
150/80R16M/C71VExedra Max BW TL25.4"5.9"5(3.5") 3.0"-4.0"414625
150/80-16M/C71HExedra Max BW TL25.4"5.9"5(3.5") 3.0"-4.0"414931
120/90-17M/C64HExedra Max BW TL25.5"4.7"6(2.75") 2.5"-3.0"414999
130/70ZR17M/C62WExedra Max BW TL24.2"5.1"5(3.5") 3.0"-4.0"434829
110/90-18M/C61HExedra Max BW TL25.8"4.3"5(2.5") 2.15"-3.0"415084
130/70ZR18M/C63WExedra Max BW TL25.2"5.1"5(3.5") 3.0"-4.0"434727
100/90-19M/C57HExedra Max BW TL26.1"4.0"6(2.5") 2.15"-2.75"414948
110/90-19M/C62HExedra Max BW TL26.8"4.3"5(2.15") 2.15"-3.0"415067
90/90-21M/C54HExedra Max BW TL27.4"3.5"5(2.15") 1.85"-2.15"415050
140/90-15M/C70HExedra Max BW TL24.9"5.6"9(3.5") 2.75"-3.75"415033
150/90B15M/C74VExedra Max BW TL25.6"5.9"9(3.5") 3.0"-4.0"434914
160/80-15M/C74SExedra Max BW TL25.1"6.3"9(3.5") 3.5"-4.5"374982
170/80B15M/C77HExedra Max BW TL25.7"6.7"9(4.0") 3.5"-4.5"414880
180/70-15M/C76HExedra Max BW TL24.9"7.1"9(5.0") 4.25"-5.5"414965
170/70B16M/C75HExedra Max BW TL25.4"6.6"9(5.0") 4.5"-5.5"414863
180/70R16M/C77VExedra Max BW TL25.9"7.1"7(5.0") 5.0"-5.5"434795
200/60R16M/C79VExedra Max BW TL25.6"8.1"7(5.5") 5.5"-6.25"434676
240/55R16M/C86VExedra Max BW TL26.4"9.4"9(8.0") 7.0"-8.0"434710
170/60ZR17M/C72WExedra Max BW TL25.0"6.6"7(4.5") 4.5"-5.5"434744
200/50ZR17M/C75WExedra Max BW TL24.9"7.9"7(6.25") 6.0"-6.5"434659

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