In 1943, DAPCO Industries opened its doors to supply American Armed forces during World War II. Following the war, DAPCO reinvested its earnings to specialize in a number of fuel fittings, shut off valves, and other custom components for outdoor power equipment; this is the same business niche that DAPCO Industries currently occupies.  Since 1943 DAPCO Industries commitment to quality has only grown. They became ISO certified in 2000 and pride themselves on providing their customers with high quality products with quick lead times. Their dedication to world class customer service is never-ending and is practiced throughout the organization.

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Carburetor Leak Detector, Easy to Use, DAPCO 10750

Carburetor Leak Detector, Easy to Use, DAPCO 10750

Provides a simple method of checking needle and seat pressure as well as impulse diaphragms, etc.
$85.95 $69.99
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