Battery Alternator Tester, Performance Tool W2989

Manufacturer: Performance Tool
Quick and easy to use Battery and Alternator tester. Plugs into 12V cigarette lighter and has LED indicators to show battery and alternator condition.
Manufacturer part number: W2989
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Battery Alternator Tester | Performance Tool W2989

This Battery Alternator Tester from Performance Tool is designed for ease of use.  It simply plugs into your 12V cigarette lighter for a quick test of your batter and alterntor.  A very handy item and can be thrown in your glove box for storage.

  • Designed for easy use
  • Tests both battery and alternator
  • Plug into the 12V cigarette lighter in your car, the LED indicators will show you the status of your battery and alternator
  • 3 LED indicators to show the battery condition: weak, normal or strong
  • 3 LED indicators to check the status of the alternator voltage: low, normal, or high
  • Works on any 12 volt system
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • A handy item for your glove box for a quick diagnosis